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Saturday October 3rd @ 9:30 am

Preview Friday 10-7

More Guns and Photos to be added...

All FFL Rules will be followed. There will be a call in on all guns.

Gun List September 19, 2020

Ruger Mark II 22 Target

Glock 45 Caliber Automatic

Sig Saver P250 9mm

Glock 17 9x19 9mm

Savage Arms 32 Caliber

Harrington & Richard 32 Caliber

Colt Automatic 25 Caliber Original Box

Glock 9mm

Ruger Blackhawk 45 Caliber

Smith & Wesson 38 Special

Glock 40 Caliber 2 extra clips

Smith & Wesson 44 Caliber

Ruger LGR 22LR

Glock 40 Caliber 2 extra clips

Thompson Center 7mm T/CV

Smith & Wesson 44 Special

Dan Wesson 44 Magnum

Smith & Wesson 44 Special

Colt Official Police 38

Smith & Wesson 44 Special

Smith & Wesson 357 Magnum

Winchester Model 94 44 Magnum

Winchester Model 23 XTR 20 gauge

Ithaca Model 150 12 Gauge Double Barrel

Boito 410 Double Barrel

Glenfield Model 60 22 LR

Mossberg 20 Gauge Pump

Winchester Model 23 XTR 12 Gauge 3”

Smith & Wesson 9mm

Ruger Gunsite Scout 308 Caliber

Colt M4 Carbine 5.56mm

Conthewbal 12 Gauge Double Barrel

Howard Arms Co. 38

Smith & Wesson Top Break 32 Caliber

Colt Pocket Model 32 Caliber

Colt Double Action 38 Caliber

Colt New Service 455 Eley Caliber

Smith & Wesson Model of 1917  45 Caliber

Colt 1903 Model U.S. Army 38 Caliber

U.S. Carbine 30 Caliber Rock Island

U.S. Carbine 30 Caliber Inlaid

U.S. Garrand 30 Caliber Harrington Richardson

U.S. Garrand 30 Caliber Winchester

U.S. 1903-A3 30 Caliber Smith Corona

U.S. 1903 30 Caliber Rock Island

U.S. 1903-A3 30 Caliber Remington with Target Sights

Flare Pistol 25mm

1910 Vickers Machine Gun  (Decommisioned)

Stevens Model 87A 22 Rifle

England Infield 1916 Rifle

Black Powder 50 Caliber Tradition

Remington 12 Gauge Double Barrel




Pete Elliott, VAAR #2845 Madison VA 22727 (540) 738-2256

Terms: Cash/Check/Credit Card 3%

Food Provided, Not Responsible for Accidents

Announcements on sale day take precedence

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone

Auction will be held in accordance with all current CDC Covid-19 Guidelines. Please be prepared with a face mask and practice social distancing during the auction per The Commonwealth of Virginia Executive Orders.

Face masks and hand sanitizer available

Auction to be held at WJ Carpenter (Gray) Buildings on northbound side of Rt. 29 between Brightwood and Madison.

Auctioneer License Information: VAAR#2845  Firm # 2908001083